Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where am I???

     I know it seems that lately I have been MIA. The holidays had me super busy, then my daughters birthday shortly after that. Trying to plan out her party, get her gifts, and so on, also had me busy. Seems as though, yet something else will be occupying my time.
     We currently live in a rental house. Since my landlord (if that is what you want to call him), cannot keep up with his mortgage payment on this property, he is putting it up for sale or he will lose it. This means, I have to move really soon! So, it looks like I have to find a place, which isn't easy around here. We do need a 4 bedroom. However, those do not come cheap around here. To find a house, that has the room we need, within price range, is going to be a chore. Not to mention........PACKING!!!! Oh how I really don't like moving!
     The past few weeks, I have been developing some, quite severe at times, joint pain. I know I will probably have to go to the Dr for this soon, since normal over the counter pain relief...well, doesn't bring much relief. I can not remember when this started. I do know that mid December, I was clipping coupons and something popped in my thumb. I have not been able to feel my thumb since. Maybe unrelated, but that is when I started noticing it more in my hands. My toes, if I think about it, started cramping really bad back in October. Just never gave much thought to it. Seems now, almost every joint in my body hurts. Well, minus my elbows. No pain there yet. My hands, knees, and hips are the main problem. I cannot type well with my fingers cramping and curled up. Sorry, don't mean to bother you all with this junk, just explaining my absence.
      So, with all this said, this is why I am currently looking for a couple people to possibly volunteer some time, to help keep this page going. I do have one volunteer so far to help with coupon envelopes (Thanks Mike!!!!). This is only temporary. I cannot wait to get back full time to this!



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  3. and whos doing your page please let me no email me about that to ty