Back in September, there was a Purina promotion that ran for a couple of weeks. Each day they were giving away something different. I was very fortunate to grab their freebies almost everyday, including the Breeze litter box system.
    When I received the coupons for the items, it seems there was some that were printed with the wrong information on them. Some items did not exist in the size specified on the coupons they sent me, and I had a hard time finding other items in the size specified.
     After contacting Purina about the problem, they gave me a list of stores in my area that carried the items I was looking for. For the items that didn't exist, they sent me new coupons. The new coupons were even better than the ones before!
    Thanks to Purina for the great customer service and the quick replies, in helping me resolve my issues!


I am sure many of you have some shopping stories to share about your local Walmart. Many of us have had the problems with coupons at the checkout. It never fails, I have a problem everytime I go. Now, whenever I do my shopping in the morning, there is a manager that spots me, and makes it a point to stand at the checkout and overview every coupon the cashier scans. It really is a pain and makes things go so much more slowly.
   I do not know why she does this. I have never used a coupon for an item that I do not purchase, nor have I commited any type of coupon fraud (to the best of my knowledge). She just make it a point to do this, every time I am there. Then she always wants to see the item, for which is on the coupon (if the coupon is for $1 off or more), after all my stuff is bagged up and in the cart. I have to dig through all the bags until I find the item, just to prove to her that I bought it. Then she must inspect that the size and quantity matches the coupon.
    I'm all for it, if you know someone is committing coupon fraud or something. Like I said, I have not. She has never found anything in my cart, that didn't match a coupon. Nothing like that. It is just a major hassle and takes too much time and holds up lines (which I hate doing).
    I contacted corporate to let them know of the situation. A manager from my local Walmart contacted me, to let me know that the reason they do this is so that people to not abuse the system. Other than that, nothing will be done about it. I have never seen this manager do this to anyone else, and there are plenty of people that use coupons, at this store.

      Recently, I made a trip out to my local Petsmart (store # 2041). I was picking up various items for my furbabies, and also had coupons to use from that big giveaway Purina had back in September. I had some issues finding certain items the coupons were for, but that is a whole other story.
      First of all, most stores really dislike couponers for some reason, especially us ones that have free product coupons. So, I was really surprised when the manager AND another sales associate took the time to help me find what I was looking for! They were both really helpful and super nice about it. Probably one of the best customer service experiences I have had in a really long time! Even the cashier was great. When one of the coupons wasn't scanning properly, she didn't hesitate to just punch it in and gave me no problem at all! The people working at this store are absolutely great! Wish most stores were this way.